Uses of bird's nest

Glycine :  + As the most abundant of the neurotransmitters, it is present in the nervous system with anti-inflammatory, cellular, and immune modulating properties.

Serine :  + Helps regenerate energy for plaques, helps the nervous system and improves memory, helps boost immunity.

In addition, the bird's nest is also rich in amino acids and trace elements such as lysine, magnesium, zinc ... is extremely essential for the body. In particular, the bird's nest does not contain fat, contains Tryptophan in the nest to help the fetus grow and stay healthy.


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All bird's nest products are 100% pure, there is no any other material besides bird's nest. Your safety is above all else. All products launched by Phu Yen Salanganes Nest Company have a certificate of product standard announcement issued by the Ministry of Health and anti-counterfeiting stamps on the packaging.

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